hessian shopping bag


    Picture this: you’ve just completed your weekly, fortnightly or monthly grocery shop. You unload your groceries from the back of your car, with less than four bags weighing down your arms (which are needed to do other things, like make a really great piece of art or win a thumb wrestling contest)... View Post
  • Your 2020 Guide to Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

    Go us, we have made it through the events of 2020. But we may not have made it without some super incredible people by our side. The ones who donated and raised funds when our communities were struck by the January bushfires; the ones who introduced us to ‘house party’ and zoomed us on the daily... View Post
  • All about Jute

    Why do we choose Jute.  Jute is a wonder in the world of sustainability, and we'd love to tell you all about it - read on! What is Jute?  Jute is sometimes referred to as hessian or even burlap.  All three are very similar and it is no surprise – ‘cause it all comes from the same plant.  But jute... View Post