'Make Waves' Shopping Bundle - Calico

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Sand and Shore
Earth and Ocean

One Think Big Bag, with all the others littlies stacked neatly inside for all the shopping.  Yep, groceries - tick; department store - tick; Sunday farmers market - tick.  TheThink Big Bag (let's call her the Mumma Bear) does all the heavy lifting and has a handy little (big) internal zip-pocket for your keys, phone and cash and an open side-pocket for your matcha/ soy decaf so you can leave your handbag or man-bag (equality) at home.  This set will see you refusing bags all over town. Serial rusher, bag forgetter or self-confessed OCD (like everything a little matchy matchy?), this set makes it hard to forget your bags. Warning though: this bundle leaves you feeling a wee smug with its matchy, matchy eco-warrior prowess, so you may need to schedule an extra meditation/yoga sesh to 'leave the ego behind'.


1 x 'Think Big' Large Shopping Bag
2 x 'Turn the Tide' Medium Shopping Bags
1 x 'OK Chill' Insulated Cooler Bag
3 x 'Surf the Net' Produce Bags
2 x 'Bucket & Spade' Scoop and Pour Bags
1 x 'My loaf is Deeper than the Ocean' Bread Bag 

Calico and cotton

Natural calico and deep ocean teal print

Stackable into one bag 
Open side pocket
Generous internal zip-pocket
Strong wide handles
Hand wash or spot clean

Cleaner seas by 2050
Change the world one shop at a time. Every purchase of this product cleans up 53m2 of ocean. Learn more