Just Jute Bags

Out Just Jute Bags range is here.  And the hero is our favourite eco-buddy and super fabric.   Jute is a refined version of the traditional hessian and has been referred to, in certain circles, as the most sustainable fiber in the world.  

To grow, it requires little to no irrigation and maintenance, no pesticides, and no fertilizer to grow healthy, fast-growing crops. Products made 100% from jute are naturally organic, super strong, and are 100% biodegradable and compostable - once their “shelf lives” have come to an end (this takes a while), they’ll return quickly to the Earth to further improve soil quality.

the jute in our just jute bags range is 100% compostable and naturally biodegradable.  It will return to quality compost within 6 weeks in your home compost bin or in drop it in the FOGO, these bags really are waste-free wonderful.