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The Pelli Guarantee

The Pelli Guarantee. 

Our bags are created to last. 

We know that there is no one perfect solution towards solving the waste and single use plastic crisis, and we aren't perfect either!  But we want to make a genuine positive change for our environment and we are working hard to make it happen.  

Our research has lead us to believe that the longer a product is in use for, the lesser the impact that product has on our planet and oceans.  When it comes to bags, this means reusing your bags as many times as possible. So we have created bags, that we hope you will agree, are beautiful, generous and very high quality, so they will last for years and years. 

We have kept our range natural, earthy and neutral, reflecting the colours of the environment that we designed them for. So they will look good in your home, car, at the beach and at your picnic and they won't date and go out of style quickly. 

We hope though, that they will make you NEVER forget your bags when you go out, because refusing single use or even other branded reusable bags in heavier plastic (which take longer to break down) or PPL bags (the regular supermarket bags) which turn into microplastics that are then ingested by sea creatures in the ocean, is a small and simple step towards cleaner oceans. 

This is why we have designed and produced Pelli Bags to last and we hope that you agree that they get better with age.

The natural fabrics and earth and ocean inspired colours are purposefully designed to age well. Like other natural materials like wood and stone, they will wear, but remain beautiful, meaning you will need to replace them rarely.

We offer 6 months usage guarantee, when your bag is used according to our guidelines, meaning if they break during normal usage within that time, we ask you to send them back to us and we will repair or replace the bag at no additional cost.