'Make Waves' Shopping Bundle

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Deep Sea Blue
Natural Calico

One Think Big Bag, with all the other littlies stacked neatly inside for all the shopping.  Yep, groceries - tick; department store - tick; Sunday farmers market - tick. The Think Big Bag (let's call her the Mumma Bear) does all the heavy lifting and has a handy little (big) internal zip-pocket for your keys, phone, and cash and an open side-pocket for your matcha/ soy decaf so you can leave your handbag or man-bag (equality) at home. This set will see you refusing bags all over town. Serial rusher, bag forgetter, or self-confessed OCD, this set makes it hard to forget your bags. Warning though: this bundle leaves you feeling a wee smug with its matchy, matchy eco-warrior prowess, so you may need to schedule an extra meditation/yoga sesh to 'leave the ego behind'.


1 x 'Think Big' Large Shopping Bag
2 x 'Turn the Tide' Medium Shopping Bags
1 x 'OK Chill' Insulated Cooler Bag
3 x 'Surf the Net' Produce Bags
3 x 'Bucket & Spade' Scoop and Pour Bags
1 x 'My loaf is Deeper than the Ocean' Bread Bag 

Cotton Canvas and Cotton with internal lamination

Deep Sea Blue (Navy)
Natural Calico

Internal Lamination on shoppig bags
Stackable into one bag 
Open side pocket
Generous internal zip-pocket
Strong wide handles
Hand wash or spot clean

Cleaner seas by 2050
Change the world one shop at a time. Every purchase of this product cleans up 53m2 of ocean. Learn more