Compostable 'Dip your Toe' Shopping Bundle

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Compostable Jute

This handy bundle will prepare your Pelli palate for a taste of sustainable living. 

The perfect place to start your eco-shopping journey, the 'Dip your Toe' bundle is the perfect eco-friendly gift, or to take the first step on your own eco journey.

The hero of the set is the oversized 'Think Big' bag, with a convenient internal pocket for your valuables and side pockets for your keep-cup or Pelli water bottle.  It will of course, also fit the other smaller bags snuggly inside, for easy one bag shopping. 

This bundle will see you refusing plastic bags all over town and has everything you need for a day at the markets, your favourite bulk food store, or the supermarket.


1 x Think Big Shopping Bag
1 x Turn the Tide Shopping Bag
1 x Surf the Net Produce Bag
1 x Scoop and Pour Produce Bag
1 x Bread Bag

Colour Variants
Natural Jute
Natural Calico
Deep Sea Blue Calico
Compostable Jue

Stackable into one bag
Open side pocket
Internal zip pocket
Strong wide handles
Dirt repellant
Compost Friendly
PLastic Free

Cleaner seas by 5050
Every bag cleans up the ocean.  This bundle cleans up 35m2 of ocean.