• Bamboo Cutlery Set - 6 Piece
  • Bamboo Cutlery Set - 6 Piece

Bamboo Cutlery Set - 6 Piece

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Our reusable bamboo cutlery is designed for those in a hurry and for that last-minute lunch curry, for stirring your coffee in your reusable cup or smashing the sushi between the meeting to meeting crush.  

This handy little cutlery wrap makes the accidental single-use spoon a thing of the past, by replacing yucky plastic with style and function that will last. 

Reusable Bamboo Knife
Reusable Bamboo Fork
Reusable Bamboo Spoon
Bamboo Straw,
Reusable Straw Cleaner
Bamboo Chop Sticks

Cutlery is made from sustainable and fast-growing bamboo
Durable and strong
Package Free

Care instructions: 
Handwash your bamboo cutlery in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing. 
Do not soak. 
Bamboo Cutlery can be occasionally treated with oil.  Use a clean dry cloth.  Dip a cloth in an organic oil (we use olive oil) and rub it on all sides and edges of your cutlery.  Allow to air-dry until oil is absorbed.  Then use as normal.