Compostable 'Think Big' Eco Shopping Bag

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Compostable Jute

Eco-friendly Compostable  x  Plastic-Free  x Vegan-Friendly  x  Paraben Free  x  Dye Free 

The mamma bear of the shopping bag bundle, this jute (hessian) bag is everything a mamma should be - generous and reliable, with just the right capacity to carry all the little bags (that's right - you can stack the smaller bags inside). 

Like any superhero, this bag can ride solo, the lone hero of every shopping expedition. Either the "just popping out for some milk" turned grocery marathon, or captaining the team for the fortnightly 'big' shop.

Unlike our regular 'Think Big, this bag does not have lamination on the inside of the bag, but the natural material makes it beautiful, durable, and most importantly compostable. 


Width 42cm
Height 36cm
Depth 22cm

Jute / hessian

100% natural Jute/ hessian  with deep ocean blueprint

Vegan friendly
Open side pocket 
Strong wide handles
Compostable, removal base for better bag structure
Natural materials 
Ethically hand-made

Cleaner seas by 2050 
Change the world one shopping trip at a time. Every purchase of this product cleans up 18m2 of ocean. Learn more.