SECONDS - Cooler Bag Shopping Bundle - GREEN

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The bag is in great working order but has some natural fading on the fabric.

This bundle will keep all of your produce cool and fresh. The large insulated Picnic Bag will fit all of your fresh produce inside for transit from the shops or markets to home. It can then change hats and become your best friend at a picnic, fitting all of your food and drinks for a great day out. One open side pocket can hold your water bottles or keep cup while the zip pocket on the other side will keep your keys and phone safe. It also includes all the produce and scoop and pour bags you will need for a day at the markets or your favourite bulk food store.

Also available in message in a bottle green calico.

1 x Picnic Esky Bag
3 x 'Surf the Net' Produce Bags
3 x 'Bucket & Spade' Scoop and Pour Bags
1 x 'My Loaf is Deeper than the Ocean' Bread Bag 

Natural Jute

Green Calico with sand white print (produce bags have green print)
High efficiency internal insulation
Side pocket (for water bottle or coffee cup)
Secure zip-up side pocket (for keys and phone)
Strong wide handles

Cleaner seas by 2050 
Change the world one organic shop at a time. Every purchase of this product cleans up 58m2 of ocean. Learn more.