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Green Friday

Offset the Black Friday Footprint.

Aussies are predicted to spend $6.2 billion during the Black Friday sales this year, but the real environmental impact of this, is much harder to estimate.  Unlike our traditional Boxing Day sales, the sale gives consumers the opportunity to buy gifts before Christmas, which may be why the event may have grown in popularity on our Aussie shores. 

Conscious consumers and the brands that cater to them are busy assessing and responding to the very real impacts of participation, to ensure that being a part of it, is not to the detriment of the environment. 

SBS recently reported that many of the items commonly bought during Black Friday, along with their extensive packaging, will end up in landfill soon after purchase. Fast fashion, gimmicks, toys and electronics are  just some of the products that end up in landfill, and a percentage of this will inevitably end up in the ocean. 

In answer to this, many brands are instead embracing and promoting 'Green Friday.' The ‘Green Friday’ movement is growing in both popularity and relevance each year with eco aware brands and retailers engaging in more thoughtful, conscious and considered offers, and avoiding hard-sell and gimmicks.  The concept educates and nurtures customers to a considered decision that is rewarding for all, and doesn’t forget the environmental impact.  These same brands are encouraged to minimise packaging, use compost-friendly or recycled mailing bags, offer products using sustainable, biodegradable and renewable materials, and encourage need based purchasing decisions. 

Ways to reduce your Black Friday Footprint:

Offset Your Carbon
Carbon footprints are the direct emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere, such as those that result from fossil-fuel combustion in manufacturing, heating, and transportation, as well as emissions required to produce the electricity associated with goods and services consumed.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by:
- Avoiding same day delivery: same day delivery is always tempting, but patience will help you save the planet. Rushed shipping has increased CO2  emissions.
- Bulk shopping: purchasing multiple items from the same retailer will reduce the amount of transportation needed to get your packages to you reducing emissions. 
- Shopping domestically: shipping an item internationally means more transportation emissions due to a longer journey that usually requires air travel 
- Choose brands that offset it for you - Our friends over at Birkenstock and Will and Bear to name just a couple, will plant a tree every time to purchase a product.  We love a brand that takes ownership and does the hard yards. 


Reduce Single-Use Plastic and Packaging
One of the most concerning impacts of Black Friday is the excessive packaging and single-use plastic that ends up in landfill almost immediately. Single-use plastics take hundreds of years to break down. Ensure that brands you are supporting use compostable mailers and are conscious of their plastic usage. And of course, bring your own reusable bags, containers, and water bottles when you go shopping! 

Repair and Upcycle

Pre-loved means packaging free!  Instead of discarding items when they break, consider repairing, re-selling or upcycling them. It's a sustainable way to extend the life of your belongings and reduce your overall impact.  Consider the environmental implications of your purchases and support the secondhand market and sustainable alternatives to reduce waste and emissions. 

Research and Plan

Choose the brands that do the hard yards for you.  Choose brands and retailers that have already reduced the impact of the purchase.  How was it made, what is made from and how is it packaged?  Expect more from the brands you love, and drive change with your decision at the checkout.  By supporting considered  brands, you will be choosing products that have already been assessed for their impact and end-of-use footprint. 

Get Active

Ok we're a little biased here - but you can join local clean up events such as beach clean ups, to help reduce the waste and plastic that ends up in our oceans, especially after Black Friday. Actively participating in the restoration of natural spaces, raising awareness, building communities of like-minded individuals, and inspiring positive change will all contribute to offsetting your impact. 

Green Friday at Pelli. 

This year Pelli is happy to thoughtfully participate in the Green Friday event.  We will double our contribution to our ocean clean-up fund. Applicable to all Green Friday purchases from 19th - 28th November. As always, all orders will be sent in our own compost-friendly mailing bags, and our packaging, as always, will remain as minimal as possible, with a simple card tag with jute string, or natural card box for some of the accessory items. 


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