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Grocery Bags

  1. Dip Your Toe Shopping Bundle in Charcoal Grey

Grocery Bags

Shopping Bags that are Stylish and Sustainable.

You asked, we listened and they're back!  The stylish and sustainable grocery bags for waste-free warriors.  You asked hat they had structure, and didn't slough at the checkout.  And, we had to ensure that they were 100% natural, vegan, plastic-free and wouldn;t have a negative impact on our supermarket dash. After much research, we found a 100% compostable jute material, that is strong, will stand up for easy packing, and will return back to the earth at the end of its long shopping life.

The Natural Grocery Bag. 

The compost-friendly shopping bags come with the same handy pockets that you love, are naturally organic (jute doesn't require irrigation or pesticides to grow), and naturally vegan, as well as being plastic, polyester and nylon free. WIth new stronger construction and even more eco-friendly materials this bag is the perfect way to keep your cool in the grocery aisle. Plus these handy shopping totes, which can be purchased one at a time or in a bundle suited to your shopping style, are lightweight, with strong long straps for over your shoulder or over the trolly hook, making them ergonomic, easy to use and easy to store and carry. 

Zero-Waste Shopping Bags. 

The Pelli Shopping Bag range is thoughtfully (and painstakingly!) designed in Australia from 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable materials. Whilst no products are perfect, these eco-bags come close to being a zero-waste alternative to supermarket grocery shopping bags.