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About Us

We believe every little thing we do helps, each small decision is a drop in the deep blue sea, and that together we are an ocean. Welcome to PELLI.

Whilst some of recent ecological challenges we face may seen overwhelming, we believe that each small decision, every plastic bag refused and every single-use product reused has a positive impact and that together we can have a profound effect on the ocean and earth that sustains us.

Our mascot, as we hope you guessed, is our humble and yet beautiful pelican.

Why the pelican you ask? So many reasons, for starters, they exist in most continents and are a recognisable icon that connects us worldwide. They, like many other birds are threatened by ocean pollution and many sub-species, like the brown pelican are now endangered. A staggering 9 out of 10 pelicans have ingested harmful plastics, and more than 1 million marine birds die each year from these plastics.

Also, we must not forget the functional prowess of our fav birds - their big and beautiful bill, which carries their food, water and keeps them cool - seeing the similarities now? (Wink).

At PELLI - we are humble, we know our little brand can't do it all, but we do want to be a small part of a national and global movement that believes that small, thoughtful choices, made collectively, can result in a positive impact on the earth and our oceans.

Our Better Half - Ocean Crusaders.

We are honoured and lucky to have partners with hands-on eco-warriors, including our inaugural and long-standing partner Ocean Crusaders. This not-for-profit organisation is the most financially and functionally efficient option for directly cleaning the ocean on your behalf. With 5 boats in Australia, and a presence internationally, the organisation is made up predominantly of passionate unpaid volunteers who truly care about our oceans and environment.

We love them because they do not spend money on marketing and corporate investments. Instead, they actively use donations to clean up the ocean and shoreline in Australia and around the world, meaning we can quantify your contribution and ensure that the promise of cleaner oceans will be recognised.

Please follow our progress right here on our website or on Instagram @pelli_bags or Facebook @PelliBags. Find out more about our partners Ocean Crusaders here -