Water Bottle

For a high-quality reusable Water Bottle choose from our stylish and sustainable range.  Simple in design, lightweight, easy to carry, a breeze to clean, and hard to break our range is made from only the best quality materials to ensure they don't erode and leak toxins and remain strong and beautiful for as long as possible.  

Whether you will use your water bottle for the gym, beach, work, school or just for the daily hydrate, our bottles are designed with our climate and conditions in mind. 

Our water bottle is made from strong, erosion-resistant, and leach-proof 304 stainless steel, or insulated glass and both are 100% plastic and BPA Free, they will keep your water fresh and chilled even on the warmest of summer days.

In convenient sizes for travel and the daily dash, they store conveniently in the pocket of your favourite Pelli Bag, handbag, lunch bag, and, or work or school satchel. 

Both our water bottles are safe and convenient for hot drinks too and make a great and convenient substitution for a thermos or tea flask. 

Our reusable water bottle will feel lighter and is a narrow, streamlined design, making it easier to carry, and both fit in a car drink holder, for easy hydration on the run. 

Just some of the features include;  Insulated, Plastic-Free, BPA-Free, Toxin-Free, Erosion proof 304 stainless steel, Slim design, 600mL capacity, Recyclable Materials, Matt Finish, Scratch-resistant Finish, Strong and Durable, Wide-Mouth for easy hydration, Fuss-free cleaning.