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Lunch Collection

Lunch Collection

Stylish and Sustainable Insulated Lunch Bags for every occasion

Pelli Lunch Bags are made from high-quality, natural, recycled and recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly and sustainable.  

Our range of Insulated Lunch Bags are strong, lightweight and durable to make waste-free lunches a breeze.  The highly efficient insulated layers will keep the heat out and the cold in, for convenient make-your-own work lunch, or lunch on the run. 

Pelli Lunch Bags come are generous in size for the foodie, those chasing healthier habits, or speedy on a budget. Our insulated lunch bags have been designed for adults, but tested and true for school bags and backpacks for stylish kids. Colourful, stylish designs include animal print, pink and more.

These waxed canvas, canvas and jute Lunch Bags are perfect for every day, and can be spot cleaned in a pinch. The canvas lunch bags can be gently hand washed.  

Pelli’s jute lunch bags (often called hessian cooler bags) are also naturally dirt and water-resistant, with a rustic texture that only gets better with age. 

Once you have selected the perfect lunch bag, you can then pimp your lunch by adding some waste-free lunch accessories.  Add, the sustainable stainless water bottle, or reusable coffee cup for lunch jaunts without the waste worry. 

The coffee tumbler also doubles as the perfect juice or smoothie cup for you or the kids and makes refusing the plastic cup easy-peasy. 

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Lunch Bag

All Pelli Insulated Lunch Bags are polyester-free, meaning they will never end up as microplastics in our ocean at the end of their life cycle. 

The external material is 100% natural.  We recommend that you upcycle or recycle the cotton canvas if possible.  If not, canvas and waxed canvas can be separated from the internal layers of the bag and placed directly into your home compost or FOGO bin. 

The internal insulation is made from recyclable aluminium and can be placed into your home recycling bin. 

Below the aluminium layer, you find a 100% natural insulation, which is also 100% compostable in your home compost bin.