Beach Bag

Select the beach bag that is good for you (and good for the sea) from our stylish and sustainable, eco-friendly beach bag range.

All Pelli Canvas Beach Bags are generous, stylish, and most importantly, sustainable.   

All come with large, handy side pockets and a secure zip pocket to keep the sand out and your keys in. 

Choose from a natural canvas beach bag or waxed canvas beach bag, which naturally repels sand and water.   Either way, the bags are plastic-free and ocean-friendly. 

Pelli Bags are heavy-duty, naturally beautiful, and designed to last as long as you need, and eventually break down to a compostable, biodegradable, and/ or reusable form to have a minimum impact on the ocean. 

The natural cotton canvas-based materials are designed to become more beautiful with age, weathering, and softening with each use, this fabric won't go out of style with the season, and really is a keeper.

The waxed canvas bag range can be waxed over and over again, in order to keep it, strong, water repellant, and to last as long as possible. 

Choose from the generous and handy market bag size, or for a jumbo beach bag, choose the extra-large beach bag, both with strong wide handles to make your beach outing a breeze and the pool or park a picnic ;).  

Spend your day digging sandcastles and not digging around your beach bag with three large pockets (one with secure zip) to separate your beach stuff, but not so many that you will spend your beach visit solving the 'too many pockets' puzzle. 

All canvas beach bags will dry quickly, with the waxed finish offering the extra benefit of being naturally water-repellant and sand proof (the sand won't stick) and will keep your beach gear dry and clean.  If you need, you can transport your wet stuff back from the beach without marking or staining the water-repellant fabric.   

All beach bags have long wide handles for hitching your beach wares over your shoulder and leaving your hands-free for your other beach essentials. 

The large beach bag has a handy secure clasp to keep your beach stuff in and help prevent spillages.