Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

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Give the Gift of a Clean Ocean.

If your clients and colleagues love the ocean (and what red-blooded Australian doesn't), then they will lurve our ocean-inspired eco-friendly corporate gifts all the way to the Beach.

Nothing says 'I appreciate you and all your support' than these ocean-hugging gifts (and let's face it, 2020 is down on hugs). 

Every one of our eco-friendly corporate gifts cleans up more than a few m2 of the ocean, and nothing sends much needed warm and fuzzies like these earth-friendly gifts.   

Our sustainable gift packs can be delivered to your business or direct to multiple clients and/ or employees along with your personalised message and greetings card, in compostable packaging in all of its 'plastic-free' goodness. 

The receiver of your special gift will also get our certificate of appreciation, with our thanks for their contribution towards cleaning up the Sea.