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Ethical Christmas Gifting

5 Ways to Give Back This Christmas

1. Clean out the Pantry

Those cans of soup, canned beets and creamed corn that aren't getting a look in on the weekly menu.  This is the best type of re-gift.  Pop it in a hamper at your school, supermarket or soup kitchen where it can be put to good use. 

Stockpiling is 2020, so lets head into 2021 with a clear pantry and clear conscience.  google your local food bank and be a part of the real Christmas cheer.  Also, remember that charity begins at home.  The opportunity to give back is often closer than we think.  Drop some cookies to an elderly neighbour or a family or friend that has had a tough year.  Get the kids on the action, and they will start to understand that Christmas is about the giving on not the receiving.

2. Recycle or Upcyle your Old(ish) threads. 

Embrace the “less is more” attitude and donate your pre-loved clothing items to women or families in need. Women’s shelters around the country are always on the lookout for quality women’s and children’s clothing items to help them through the holiday season.  And, last seasons blazer can mean a much-needed job for someone on the ropes.  We love dressed for success or google your nearest job center. 

3. Volunteer your time. 

This one is tough.  We get it.  Christmas is chaos and time is of the essence.  But if you do happen to have some time to spare, there really is no greater sacrifice than that of your own time.  Take your talents, purpose and positivity and  reach out to your local not-for-profit in an area that you are passionate about. 

It could be disability, environment, children, illness or environment or animals.  Around this time the greatest need is often just for an extra pair of hands.  SO don;t be shy, your assistance will almost always be snapped up.  And at the same time you may meet some like minded people and become a part of a greater community for a cause you are passionate about. 

Charities such as the Salvos and Red Cross need help raising money for local families in need, and soup kitchens around the country would love your help to serve food to the homeless during the holiday period and Variety Australia are frantically organising Christmas joy for kids living with less, or living with a disability. 

3. Foster an animal

Both before and after Christmas, now is a great time to visit your local animal rescue centres such as the RSPCA, often overwhelmed with foster animals that families struggle to care for after the excitement of Christmas wears off. 

Plus, if you prefer to talk to the animals, than talk to humans, this could be the place for you to share the hugs.  Animals need the extra love too this holiday season, why not contact your local animal shelter and volunteer an extra spot on the couch to home a fury friend this Christmas. 

4. Clean up your local beach

Now you're talking our language.  We, of course are all about the Sea, and you can give the world the gift of cleaner oceans this Christmas!  It's as simple as taking a couple of extra pieces of rubbish from the beach on Chrissy day / Boxing Day etc... Also, you can register for one of our up and coming beach clean ups.  In 2020 we cleaned up almost 2 tonnes of rubbish from beaches and in 2021 we want to smash that number, so would love to hear from you if you are a fellow Ocean Lover.   Or, if you are short on time, purchase a Pelli Bag as the ultimate eco-friendly Christmas Gift and we will do the cleaning up on your behalf. Easy-Peasy. 

 5. Donate to an eco-charity

There are so many fantastic eco-charities making a difference all around Australia, such as our partner Ocean Crusaders. Since their formation in 2010, the Ocean Crusaders team have been responsible for educating the communities of Australia on waterway cleaning and have hosted several successful beach clean ups. They also offer free educational programs for school-aged children to educate them on the oceans and how they can contribute toward saving our oceans. What’s not to love about that?


You can donate directly to Ocean Crusaders here:

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