1. Clean the house out

Let’s be honest. We’ve all got far too many cans of soup, canned beets and creamed corn than we need. It’s not your fault; we’ve all fallen victim to buying unnecessary things at the grocery store – especially when little hands are involved and seem to place little random treasures in your trolley. Instead of stockpiling excess food (that you’ll likely chuck out in a few years once you remember they’re there…), give back to local food banks in your area with a donation this Christmas. Keep an eye out on social media too, as there’s likely a family within your very own community that may be in need of a few extra supplies.


We all also have those few closet items that we never wear, but just can’t seem to part with. Make a break this Christmas, embrace the “less is more” attitude and donate your pre-loved clothing items to women in need. Women’s shelters around the country are in desperate need of women’s and children’s clothing items to help them through the holiday season.


2. Volunteer your time

They say money makes the world go ‘round, but we believe there’s no greater gift than time itself. There are so many ways that you can make use of your time for the greater good of humanity during the Christmas period.


Local op-shops are often overwhelmed with donations during this time, and are in need serious help sorting through piles of clothes and household items. Charities such as the Salvos and Red Cross need help raising money for local families in need, and soup kitchens around the country would love your help to serve food to the homeless during the holiday period.


3. Foster an animal

With a multitude of families purchasing animals from pet stores as gifts for the holidays, animal rescue centres such as the RSPCA are overwhelmed with foster animals that desperately need care (and a cuddle!)


If you’ve got some extra love to share this holiday season, why not contact your local animal shelter and volunteer an extra spot on the couch to home a fury friend this Christmas. No promises that you won’t fall in love and want to adopt them!


4. Clean up your local beach

Give the world the gift of cleaner oceans this Christmas! There’s no denying that our lush, radiant shores are in dire need of some TLC – and who better to take on the challenge than you!? Pelli hosted two beach clean ups in 2020 that collectively gathered more than 3,000kg of rubbish across WA and QLD (not to mention a (910kg Suzuki we found on Fraser Island!)

Imagine how much more waste is out there. The world needs YOU!


Gather your family, friends and neighbours and make it a day of fun. Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and stay hydrated – cleaning the ocean is thirsty work!


 5. Donate to an eco-charity

Not everybody is able to physically save our oceans – but we can all play a small part to make big change. One of the greatest ways you can contribute toward the cleaning and maintanence of our precious coastline is by making a financial donation to a trusted charity.


There are so many fantastic eco-charities making a difference all around Australia, such as our partner Ocean Crusaders. Since their formation in 2010, the Ocean Crusaders team have been responsible for educating the communities of Australia on waterway cleaning and have hosted several successful beach clean ups. They also offer free educational programs for school-aged children to educate them on the oceans and how they can contribute toward saving our oceans. What’s not to love about that?


You can donate directly to Ocean Crusaders here: https://oceancrusaders.org/donate

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