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Mother's Day Picnic Set

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Spoil your Mum with an eco-friendly gift for Mother’s Day, that is both stylish and sustainable. To help get you started we’ve curated a special list of Mum fav’s make sure your Mum has the bestest Mother’s Day ever.

Cooler Bags

You can't go wrong with a stylish and sustainable cooler bag. Made from 100% natural canvas, and lined with recyclable aluminum insulated liner, It’s a must have for the outdoor Mum.  Wine and cheese?  Yes please!  Picnic at a pinch, packing your Pelli is a cinch. Choose her favourite colour and match it to her mood, the 'Ok Chill' Medium Cooler Bag comes in Jute, Calico, and Ocean blue.

If your Mum’s a feeder, consider the 'Chill Homie' Large Cooler Bag.  Larger and stronger, even the most enthusiastic picnic packer will have trouble filling this one to the brim. Now available in natural jute for Mother’s Day. 

Wine and Cheese Picnic Set

For the mummy who embraces all the yummy - upgrade the her cooler bag to a handy picnic set.  For picnics or parties, and afterwork antics, the Ok Weekend – 6 Piece Picnic Set is the perfect gift for the Mum on the run, that also enjoys a little bit of sun.  Mum can enjoy her wine & cheese, with her main squeeze, or an evening with friends that she will never want to end.   Pretty, lightweight and uber functional, the wine and cheese knife set, along with the tumbler set, make life a little bit brighter. 

The Ok Weekend Set includes: 'OK Chill' Medium Cooler Bag, two stainless steel insulated Tumblers, one travel-sized Cheese Board, and two Cheese Knives in canvas pouch. .

Duffle Bag. 

Say ta-ta to Mum’s dorky duffle and hello to an all natural canvas duffle bag in your Mum’s fav fabrics.  Aptly named the ‘Mum Jean’, recycled denim is a Mum classic — and fashion staple, so most mums will love the 'Mum Jean' Recycled Denim Duffle Bag as a gift for Mother’s Day.  Perfect for the gym or for the ‘Mum's weekend away’ , The ‘Mum Jean’ duffle bag is produced from 70% recycled denim and natural cotton (including the liner) switch a soft, super lightweight finish. 

Say it Louder and Prouder. 

For the Mum that likes to turn up the volume on her sustainable journey, the Leopard Print Duffle Bag in super popular Jungle Girl style, will make the the Mum of the moment, that can’t be missed.   

MYO Lunch for Mum’s. 

For working mums, pack a gift that will pack a healthy punch, by getting a Mothers Day Lunch bag so they can pack their own lunch.  Choose from must-have mustard big break lunch bag, ‘Jungle Girl' Insulated Lunch Bag with removable shoulder strap, to keep their food, make up medication  (and even breastmilk) cool and fresh as they travel. 

Totes Mum-worthy Tote Bags. 

For the everyday run around, the canvas tote bag is for sure a Mum must have.  From yoga at dawn, coffee at the corner store, groceries before game time and the the gym before the rhyme time, the always on-the-go mum needs an ‘everything bag’ for all the everyday demands. Choose from the Farmers Market Canvas Tote Bag, and the the ‘Jungle Girl' Canvas Tote Bag

Reusable stainless Steel Tumbler. 

For the Mum that hates waste, choose a travel everywhere, reusable coffee cup so Mum can get her daily fix without the waste. The Daily Grind' Reusable Coffee Cup is a double-walled, insulated, and reusable coffee cup that can keep her daily dose of caffeine warm or cool on the daily. The handy size doubles as a smoothie cup and juice cup for Mum’s mid-morning pick me up. 

For the Mum who loves a short mac, choose the smaller sip and dip tumblers.  These mini-mugs are cute and convenient for sippers not gulpers, and make the perfect wine-time treat for later in the week. 

Water Bottle. 

Your mum will always remind you to stay hydrated, so now, it’s your turn to take care of her. For Mother’s day gift her a Stainless Steel Water Bottle that she can carry anywhere. It is made from 304 stainless steel and is also BPA-free & spill-proof—a no-fuss convenience.

Wine Tumblers. 

For when Mum has earned her Friday night sips. Gift her our travel-friendly Sip and Dip Tumblers so she’s ready for every pour on wine weekends.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

A gift for Mum is a gift for the ocean, with each Pelli product produced from ocean friendly materials, and every purchase contributing to our ocean cleaning fund. 

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