Play it “Cool” with these Eco-Friendly gifts this Father’s Day.

For many, our lives have been shaped by father-figures; our dads, grandfathers, uncles and brothers. They’ve cheered us on, picked us up when we’ve stumbled and always had our backs. They’re our favourite boys; and their name-sake day is fast approaching. No need to duck down to Bunnings for a gift card - this year Pelli Bags has you covered. 

This year, Pelli is celebrating Father’s Day with gifts that not only give back to the number one men in our lives, but to the ocean too. We’re saying sayonara to the socks and jocks bundles, goodbye to the novelty mugs that gather dust year in and out and good riddance to the beer mug. It’s time to give our guys what they really want and need. 

Kings of playing it cool, the men in your world may not have jumped onboard the eco-train just yet - but they’ll be conducting the ride when they land their eyes on our Father’s Day 2020 collection.

Introducing our man-friendly cooler bag: to keep beers cold, fish fresh and adventures on-track. Multi-purpose and durable for all of life’s escapades, our “Chill Homie” cooler bag is subtle on the eye and light on the arm. Our boys won’t mind popping down to the local bottle-o with this guy on hand; in fact, they’ll be able to store a 12-pack and then some. And did we mention that this bag cleans 26m2 of ocean? Stock up on those beers, boys - saving the ocean is thirsty work. For our footy-fanatic dads, the “OK Chill” is your perfect game-day partner. Fitted with a 200mm gusset, we reckon you could stack about 20 (or more) meat pies in this bad boy. Need we say more? 

This next one is for our grocery-shopping dads. Yes, we know you’re out there! Did you know that in 2019 a study conducted in the US found that males were less likely to use a reusable bag out of fear of “subtle gender-related consequences” for “engaging in various pro-environmental behaviours”? On behalf of the ladies, we gladly welcome the guys into the reusable bag gang. Grab one of our Think Big shopping totes for your next duck-down-to-the-shops-for-sports-snacks trip. Raise a fist in the face of toxic masculinity, and toxic plastic waste!

Here’s to another year of celebrating the guys we love the most. Cheers to you, Dads!

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