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Sustainable School Lunch Bags

Sustainable School Lunch Bags

Sustainable School Lunch Bags. 

The perfect school bag and lunch box set for the sustainable schoolie, the pelli bags kids lunch bag and box sets are high-quality and stylish, lightweight and eco-friendly. This bag has an internal insulation layer made from 100% natural and compatible materials, with an inner lining that is made from recycled plastics and is 100% recyclable at the end of use. Add a Palli ice pack to keep school lunches cool all day long, even on the warmest days.  Add the stainless steel, silicone and bamboo lunch box accessories to complete your set. This stylish lunch bag sets is made from low-tox, lightweight and sturdy materials that are also vegan and plastic-free. 

A School Lunch Bag they will love. 

The school lunch rate has been designed with little fingers in mind, the easy open velcro closure, they are easy to use and comfortable to carry.  Choose from colours they'll love or a colour to match their school aesthetic.

Personalised or Customise your School Lunch Bag.

Ask our team about customising your school bags just for them,.  Add their name so it never gets lost.  Or if you are a school or organisation ask about adding your logo or branding.