Glass Water Bottle

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Not all glass bottles are created equal.  Our double-wall, thermal shock resistant Borosilicate glass water bottle, makes it the perfect water bottle for the gym, beach, work, and more.  Its double-wall and highest quality glass structure makes it perfect for your hot drinks too you can pour the boiling water straight in. 

Whilst it may feel hard to get all warm and fuzzy about glassware, here are a few of the qualities of our glass water bottle, that might get you close.

- thermal shock resistant - can add hot drinks
- safer than standard soda-lime glass,  (used to make most kitchenware)
- completely non-toxic (even when heated and cooled) so no harmful chemicals will leach into your water/ drinks
- BPA free
- Phthalates free
- Lead-free
- Microwave safe
- Dishwasher safe
- Lighter to carry
- Stronger glass (meaning the walls are thinner) making it slim and easy to carry
- acid-resistant
- non-reactive and resistant to chemical changes
- hypoallergenic
- double wall keeps hot drinks warmer and hands cooler for longer
- freezer-safe
- scratch and stain resistant

Our bottle will feel lighter and is a narrow, streamlined design, makes it easier to carry, beautiful, and generous. 

Size and Capacity
Height 27cm
Diameter 7cm

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