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Dip Your Toe Shopping Bundle in Natural

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Dip Your Toe Shopping Bundle in Charcoal Grey
Dip Your Toe Shopping Bundle in Natural

Get a taste of sustainable grocery shopping, with this mini shopping bundle in natural undyed jute.  Perfect for shopping-for-one, a gift for the eco-go getter, or to test your plastic-free prowess, before ditching the placcy-bags for good.   Made from unique, pesticide-free, tight-weaved jute, these shopping bags have been designed to stand-up at the checkout, and stand the test of time. 100% plastic-free, poly-free and 100% compostable, we have upgraded the seams and stitching, so they are stronger than before, and will last longer.  But, when it is time to dispose of them, they will leave nothing behind.  Simply pop into your home compost bin and they will be gone in 1 to 4 weeks, turning into a high-quality fertilizer for your garden. This shopping bag set has been cleverly designed, so that all bags fold neatly into the large Think Big Oversized Shopping Bag (which can double as your department store or run-around tote), for easy one-bag travel to and from the supermarket, and for compact storage at home or in the car.

1 x Think Big Large Shopping Bag 
1 x Turn the Tide Medium Shopping Bag 
1 x Bread Bag 
3 x Surf the Net Bags 
3 x Cotton Bags in Lightweight Muslin 

This product has been thoughtfully designed and ethically produced from natural and renewable materials to reduce the impact on the earth and ensure it will never end up in the ocean.

Plastic Free
Compost Friendly
External pocket with zip closure (for keys, phone, wallet)
External open side pocket
Strong wide handles
Vegan friendly
Low Impact
Stackable (with other shopping bags)
Ocean Friendly

Product Care

Spot clean outside of bags with a warm damp cloth and mild detergent and allow to dry completely, do not overload the bags.


Cut or shred jute into small squares (smaller pieces will decompose faster), and place into your at home compost bin.

Depending on the health and maturity of your compost bin, your bag will return to the earth between one week and three months.

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