We wish you a very Eco-Christmas!

Yes, eco is the word on everyone’s lips right now, but when it comes to Christmas we can sometimes fall back into old, sometimes more wasteful habits, because we don’t want to lose the joy of Chrissy, or worse disappoint our family, kids and loved ones.

So, to help out just a little, we thought we would put together a few tips for how to do your bit this festive season, without turning into the greeny grinch.  Here goes;

  1. Plan ahead

    First things first, being ecological doesn’t have to be a load more work, but, as all things a little less convenient, it may take a little bit more preparation – so our first tip is to start planning early.
  1. Your Christmas tree

    If you already have a synthetic one – keep it!  Or recycle it, but certainly don’t throw it away.  If you don’t have one, avoiding one of these is a great start.  Lots of pesky plastics in little pieces tat may eventually end up in landfill of the oceans, so feel good that you wized up before purchasing one of thes sparkly little devils.    Instead, you can choose a live potted tree that you can keep and nurture year after year.  Or even a old tree that has died but the branches have stayed strong.  Greyed out branches can make a beautiful background for bright (homemade) decorations.

  2. Make your own Christmas crackers

    Your used toilet rolls make a great starting point, we use an old newspaper to wrap and make hats from, but you can also use recycled gift paper or coloured paper, the kids school artwork – whatever you have around really.  The more creative you can get the better.   Add your own Christmas jokes or even a ‘fortune’ and a teeny gift.  It’s a great way to personalise Christmas for your family, get some extra laughs with the ‘spot on’ jokes and get the kids involved.

  3. Avoid glossy or metallic wrapping paper

    The problem is that most Christmas wrapping paper is isn't even recyclable, and you can’t use it your compost due to the metals and plastic. We like to wrap gifts in something useful and reusable – we love a calico bag that can be reused.  Even wrapping in a pretty tea towel with some jute string can work well.  If you don’t mind getting retro, newspaper is also a great option.  Add a coloured string or bright cards to contrast against the black and white.

  4. Decorate the tree with natures gifts
    It’s a great excuse for a nature walk with the family and along find natural treasures to decorate your tree. Nuts, pine cones, beautiful leaves, stones and more can all be fashioned into beautiful plastic free and waste free decorations.  And, your tree will look like no one elses and all the more special for it.

  5. Choose experiences over stuff
    Gift a music concert, a massage, play, musical or a dinner at a fav restaurant rather than more stuff. It is the gift of your time and commitment to that person and what can beat that

  6. Secondhand gifts, antiques and collectibles are unique and special
    If you are anything like us, we heart our local thrift shop.   For you it might be antique shop or old values store.  It is in these places that you can often find  that little something quite unique and special, even a little nostalgic that can connect you back to a special time or place– take a bit of extra time and you may uncover a hidden treasure.
  1. Gifts from the garden
    Grow and cook something from the garden or make your gift a contribution towards Christmas dinner. We love a pot of herbs, or propagated succulent or ivy.  It takes so much time and care to nurture a plant, that you are truly passing on your love with such a gift.
  1. Music, Photos or a little video
    Again you can really tell someone how much you care with a show of your understanding for what they love. Put together a ‘spotify’ mixed tape or create a little home video of your year on imovie.  Sky is the limit on how simple or extravagant you go.

This is just a start, but what we really hope is that rather than seeing going a little greener this Christmas as a loss, we hope you look at it now through green tinted glasses and see that really there is so much more to an eco Christmas. 

Enjoy.  And, please share your own tips with us on Instagram @pelli_bags


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