Pelli Bags launches in Australia with the goal of cleaning up the ocean.

Across the globe, humans consume two million plastic bags every minute, and in that same minute a truckload of plastic ends up in the ocean.   

Fremantle based ocean lovers, Emma Potter and Kelly Moss have committed to be a part of the solution.  The pair have joined forces to encourage more thoughtful consumption of bags via the creation of a high-quality range of reusable shopping and lifestyle bags.

”The reusable bags offered at shops are often cheap, low quality and made from unsustainable materials that aren’t the right size for reuse, so they inevitably end up back in the bin.  We would love for consumers to start to make a conscious choice as to what shopping bags they use, bags that last for years and hundreds and hundreds of uses,” Emma said.

Emma’s business partner Kelly Moss feels that refusing shopping bags at the checkout (even the reusable ones), is the first step.  ”Regardless of the style of the bag, the more times you use and reuse it, the lower the impact on our environment,” Kelly said.  “Pelli Bags are designed to last for more than 200 uses and several years.  We would love for customers to say no to bags at most or all stores, whether it be the supermarket or a department store.  Reusable plastic bags are just adding to the problem as they take longer to break down in the environment, and they often break down to microplastics,” she concludes.

Partnering with hands-on not-for-profit organisation Ocean Crusaders, part proceeds from the sales of Pelli Bags will sponsor major ocean and waterways projects, with their goal to clean up 50,000m2 of ocean by 2050.  

 And, they are on their way.  Just 3 months in, they are helping organise their first major clean up on Moreton Island off the east coast of Australia. 

Ian Thomson from Ocean Crusaders will coordinate the event. “Moreton Island is a critical ecosystem for marine and birdlife,” Ian states. “It’s the only place in the world where significant populations of dugongs and sea turtles can still be found, and is the home to more than 180 species of birds. It is critical to remove the plastics from the environment so these populations can survive,” he concludes.

 Pelli Bags are available to purchase online at


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