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Ecofriendly Mother’s Day gifts

Sustainable Mother’s Day gifts - that don’t cost the Earth.

There are certainly some extra challenges with making the sustainable Mum feel special this year by finding perfect Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts, available online.  Many of our favorite stores may be closed due to COVID 19 and we may not even be able to give our Mum the hug she deserves on her special day.

But, worry not, there are still lots of online eco Mother's Day gifts that you can show her just how much you love her and be earth-friendly along the way.  

Mum #1 ‘Little Miss Organised’
Give your Mum a little nudge in the direction of sustainable this year with a beautiful eco shopping bag bundle from Pelli Bags.   Perfect for the Mum that craves organization and loves her accessories to be ‘matchy, matchy’.  The shopping bag bundle makes the perfect sustainable mothers day gift and makes every shopping trip a breeze, with up to 17 bags in a pack that all stack neatly into one, for one bag for easy peasy shopping.  Plus, every time you purchase a Pelli Bag, they will clean up the ocean in your Mum's name.   They can mail your gift directly to her with a personalized gift card and are offering free shipping until Mother’s Day with the code ‘freeshipping’.  See the range at  

Mum #2. The Beauty Queen
Bath and body products are somewhat of a staple when it comes to Mother's Day.  It is easier than ever to choose eco-friendly these days with a range of beautiful options online jam-packed full of local, even native ingredients, have look for vegan, biodegradable, non-toxic, and sensitive products.  We love Rohr Remedy for all-natural raw ingredients that are Eco-Cert approved and are put through the world’s most comprehensive testing for natural formulations.  Rohr Remedy is offering ‘Supermum’ Gift Pack just for Mothers Days.  

Mum #3. The Homebody
If your Mum is a homebody (aren’t we all right now) perhaps something to ramp up the comfort levels or add some home-based cheer over the coming months is more what you had in mind.  Check out Remedy Online for hundreds of beautiful bespoke and one hundred percent unique gifts for around the home.  Start shopping at

Mum#4. Mumma Nature
If you are in WA, look no further than The little posy co. for home-delivered plants and flowers.  They will deliver their daily posy, full of fresh seasonal flowers, direct to your Mumma's door.  They have a growing range of longer-lasting plants in all your favorite species too. These are a gift to get Mum smiling.

Mum#6. The Sweet Tooth
If your Mum loves a treat, then look no further than 'the little bakery'. They hand make amazing cakes and biscuits from scratch in teeny tiny batches every day from the finest ingredients. Check them out at

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