Introducing our Biodegradable & Compostable Range (and yes, they really do break down).

According to recent studies, not all biodegradable and compostable bags are created equal and these somewhat eco-minded terms can be very misleading to consumers.  Compostable bags require a specific environment to break down and they often keep their structure, even if planted in soil and particularly if they end up in the ocean.  Some even still contain ocean damaging microplastics and petrochemicals. 

Enter our new favourite eco-buddy and super fabric - Jute. Jute is a refined version of the traditional hessian and has been referred to, in certain circles, as the most sustainable fibre in the world.  To grow, it requires little to no irrigation and maintenance, no pesticides and no fertilizer to grow healthy, fast growing crops. Products made 100% from jute are naturally organic, super strong and are 100% biodegradable and compostable - once their “shelf lives” have come to an end (this takes a while), they’ll return quickly to the Earth to further improve soil quality.

Jute is the hero fabric of the new 100% compostable and naturally biodegradable range by Pelli Bags.

Using this wonder fabric means these bags are completely plastic free, petrochemical and paraben free, vegan and naturally organic – not to mention beautiful to boot.

Available in two of their most popular styles, the shopping tote bags finally offer a stylish plus uber-eco alternative to the standard (and not so eco) polypropylene ‘green’ bag.

Plus they ‘totes’ come with a compostable base to keep them extra sturdy and long lasting, with a promise to for many years to come. When its time finally comes to an end, it can be transferred directly into your compost bin where it will decompose quickly in as little as two months. 

The bags come with all the handy Pelli shopping bag features; hooks for the shopping trolley, super sturdy, long handles and a side pocket to safely store your keys, cards and other essentials.


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