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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Your 2020 Guide to Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Go us, we have made it through the events of 2020. But we may not have made it without some super incredible people by our side.

The ones who donated and raised funds when our communities were struck by the January bushfires; the ones who introduced us to ‘house party’ and zoomed us on the daily and the ones who sent care packages when we found ourselves in the midst of a personal panic during a global pandemic (yep, that happened).

So, you could say that we’re feeling pretty thankful for our friends and family - this year more than ever.

So, let’s make this Christmas better than ever. Whether it’s a kind word, a small gift or a grand gesture, we can all find a way to say “thanks for making life better.”

So, as we say ciao to 2020 (it’s been real), we suggest a gift that gives back to your loved ones, the earth and the ocean.


1. Cooler bags

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer – you’ve earnt it.  Whether it is a staycation or vacation, we are a picnic-nation. Nothing says ‘freedom’ like picnic at the beach or park (ok, maybe the backyard.)  Summer is nature’s Christmas gift to us. So pack your Pelli Insulated Cooler Bag and camp out, get your feet sandy and settle in for some OK Chill time.

Pelli’s insulated cooler bags are uber efficient and will stay cool as a cucumber on a hot summer’s day. Go large with the Chill Homie Large Cooler Bag, or pack an OK Chill for a dash to the deli.

Our insulated bags and cooler bags are great for protecting all of your perishable groceries making it the perfect shopping bag for your next duck-down to the store to buy some snags for the afternoon barbie.

Choose from a range of colours including deep sea blue (navy), natural canvas, natural jute (hessian), olive, mustard and green. The colours reflect our favourite parts of summer: the earth, the ocean, the sand and the shore.


2. Beachy Keen Beach Bag

Sure to cure any resting grinch faces, our new and improved beach bags are ready to carry it all.

This oversized bad boy is ready to be stuffed. With extra space, you can freely store your towels, snacks, swimmers and beach reads without worry. Tested and tried for families of up to five, this bag is also a great addition to road trips and camping adventures! 

Made from heavy duty 16oz natural cotton canvas, this bag cleans up 35m2 of ocean. Decked out with internal and external pockets, a side zippable pocket and nice, wide handles, the Beachy Keen is sure to put a smile on your beach lover’s dial this Christmas.

Beach Market Bag Olive


3. Compostable Jute Shopping Bags

Look good while doing good. We’re talking organic.


Totally placcy-free.

Vegan friendly (!!!)

Paraben free - bye nasties.

Dye free; au natural and toxin free. 

Introducing the reusable and compostable shopping bag range. This is the gift that keeps on giving; to your loved ones, to the earth and of course to the ocean.

When it’s time over your shoulder and in your shopping trolley comes to an end (which is several years away), it can be transferred directly into your compost. It’s got all of your favourite Pelli shopping bag features and more; hooks for packing, super sturdy handles for all your heavy lifting, a side pocket to safely store your keys and cards and a compost-friendly base to keep it strong.

This gift says “Hey - I care about you and the environment.” Perfect for the nature lovers in your world, we’re pretty sure they’ll be absolutely wrapped with the idea of a bag that keeps doing great things for the world after it’s time is done.



4. Bento, Bag and Bottle Lunch Bundle

Lunch bags, bento boxes, bottles and bamboo cutlery - oh my! Nothing will say “I love you from my head to my mistletoes” this Christmas like our lunch bundle. Eat, drink and be merry with this fun little bundle. Designed to push maximum efficiency and display ultimate #aesthetics during your lunch hour, these super sustainable items are about to be your best break room buddies.

Featuring our crowd-favourite Big Break Lunch Bag (in your choice of natural jute, blush pink or deep sea blue), we’re popping in one of our latest arrivals - the bento box duo. These lunch boxes are everything you want in a good container; easy to use, easy to clean, leak proof and eco-friendly. Coming in a set of two, you have the benefit of a clip on lid as well as a bamboo-push lid for your boxes. Completely stackable, these beauties fit in the lunch bag with total ease.

There’s nothing worse than leaving your fork at home, and having to use the questionable-looking one that’s been sitting in the staff room for just a little too long for your liking. That’s why we created our bamboo cutlery set. Packed with all the essentials, we’ve spared no detail and wrapped it all up in a handy canvas case. But wait - there’s myrrh! We’ve also included our uber sleek glass water bottle in this snazzy little pack for extra sustainable points. Plastic bottles? A thing of the past.

Sure to be loved by your office workers and school-aged kids alike, this bundle has something for everyone.



5. Save the Sea Shopping Bundle

Don’t let plastic bags have the final sleigh. This curated bundle is jam-packed with all of our customer favourites to make your grocery shopping a total breeze. Designed for families of five or more, or those who prefer to do a large shop once a month, this bundle will have anyone fully equipped for the New Year’s Eve snack-buying down at your local.

Created with total efficiency in mind, all the bags stack neatly into the Think Big large shopping bag. Our OG bag of choice, the Think Big is completely decked out with all the specs to make your shopping trips a good time. Complete with an internal zippable (we made that word up…) pocket for your keys, purse and phone and a large external pocket for your water bottle or keep cup, this bag has it all.

We’ve also tossed in three of our classic Turn the Tide medium shopping bags. You really just can’t go wrong with these guys. Sturdy straps and laminated interiors, these guys are ready to carry the load for you. Perfectly paired with two OK Chill cooler bags (which you’ve already heard us rave about) this combo will keep your fresh fruit and veg nice and cool on the drive home. Our produce bags and bread bag are the finishing touches, giving you 11 bags to carry the goods so you never have to use a disposable one again.


So here are a few of our fave ocean-cleaning gifts for you and yours. We hope that regardless of the battles of this year, you find a way to spread a little love and a little cheer with your nearest and dearest this holiday season. Sayonara 2020, hello 2021!



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