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Reusable Cups

5 Reusable Cups you should know about.

Hey coffee lover... we’ve got something for you and your daily ritual! 

According to Planet Ark, plastic waste from coffee cups accounts for a heaving 60,000kg of Australia’s annual landfill. Additionally, they’ve calculated that every 30 seconds, 50,000 disposable coffee cups are thrown away. Those are some pretty confronting stats.

We’re always challenging ourselves to go “no cup, no coffee.” Just to be clear - we’re not asking anyone to completely quit the good stuff. We’re not monsters! You might be considering ditching the single use coffee cup (please do) for something a little bit more eco.

Welcome to the club! Check out our list of 5 amazing reusable cups you should definitely consider.

1. KeepCup (

We must pay homage to the OG cup gurus! From humble beginnings to industry leader, the team behind the original KeepCup know a thing or two about making a difference. They are the first company to successfully produce a completely sustainable reusable coffee cup, made entirely of plastic. Since their launch, the brother and sister duo behind the brand have seen a rapid growth in product variations, and have become a household name - we’re talking similar to that of Google, Kleenex and Q-Tip. You might even have a few already yourself, or maybe even seen them down at your local cafe. KeepCup have established themselves as a global ‘brand name’ with their name being used as a general term for similar products/services - “Did you bring your keep cup?”



2. Frank Green ( is another Australian-based reusable cup producer established in 2013. Frank Green are known for their sustainability lifestyle brand, and offer a multitude of products to complement their reusable coffee cups. Frank Green altered the market when they introduced their ‘Smart Cup’ in 2017. The Smart Cup operates through a chip, similar to a ‘Pay Wave’ chip that is present in most debit and credit cards today. The chip is controlled through the company’s private app “Café Pay”, which allows the consumer to transfer funds from their nominated bank account onto the chip. This allows you to pay for your beverage by simply tapping the cup on an EFTPOS machine. Pretty cool, huh?



3. Stojo ( is the industry leader in collapsible coffee cups. They offer a selection of reusable coffee cups that come in multiple colours and four different sizes. Additionally, they also sell a collapsible water bottle, as well as accessories such as reusable straws. Their products are made of both silicone and polypropylene, and are free of BPA, BPS, lead and mercury. The company is based within the USA with their products being manufactured in China. They currently have a thriving partnership deal with Starbucks. In 2018 the coffee retailing giant launched a collaboration with Stojo, launching the Starbucks collapsible coffee cup in several international stores. A plastic free Starbies collab - can you THINK of anything better!?


4. Huskee ( is one of the newer kids on the block, born in 2017. Based out of Sydney, Australia, they produce products using coffee husk as a raw material. In an effort to combat the amount of waste produced by coffee makers each year, they designed a product using an eco-composite polymer. The HuskeeCup features unique thermal properties in a minimal, Scandinavian design with two colour options. The cups are super affordable, retailing between AUD $16 - $20 and are available in three different sizes. It’s a 10/10 from us.


5. The Indi Life ( came to life in 2019 and is the creative genius of founders Caitlyn and Dave. Designed locally in Perth, Australia, the cups are made from hand blown borosilicate glass with a wrapped 100% free of BPA and are non-toxic food-grade silicone base and silicone lid. The borosilicate glass used in the cups enhances usage by providing resistance to thermal shock and acids, heat retention all in a light weight, non-porous vessel. Alongside the reusable coffee cups (which come in five different colour options!), The Indi Life have also released a range of reusable straws. We love accessories!



Happy shopping!

X, Pelli

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