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Ocean Crusaders and Pelli Bags

Q&A with our favourite Ocean Ambassador - Ian Thompson.

Since its formation in 2010, the Ocean Crusaders team have been responsible for hundreds of ocean, shoreline and waterway clean up initiatives, including their iconic 'Paddle for Plastic' and K'Gari Island Clean Up (sometimes known as Fraser Island Clean Up), of which we were a proud sponsor.  As...
Are Sand-Free Beach Towels Ecofriendly

The Low-Down on Sand-Free Beach Towels

The latest fad is ‘sand-free’ beach towels, but are these fabrics good for you and good for the ocean?  We delve into the sand-free fad. Summer is upon us and for the ocean lovers and beach lovers among us, it is once again time to hit the sandy shores. This summer our fav beach buddy ‘sand’ has...
Green Friday with pelli Bags

Let's Turn This Black Friday, Green!

Ah, Black Friday. Sales, sales sales (oh, and did we mention – sales!?) It’s a glorious weekend, and sometimes even a whole week, to get a head start on your Christmas shopping all while snagging a really good deal.   Although Black Friday is a relatively new concept here in Australia, there’s no...
Ethical Christmas Gifting

5 Ways to Give Back This Christmas

1. Clean out the Pantry Those cans of soup, canned beets and creamed corn that aren't getting a look in on the weekly menu.  This is the best type of re-gift.  Pop it in a hamper at your school, supermarket or soup kitchen where it can be put to good use.  Stockpiling is 2020, so lets head into 2...
Plastic Free Materials

Fast Facts with Pelli: Eco Materials

There’s just no escaping the harrowing truth our society faces at the moment: our earth is overwhelmed with plastic pollution. WWF report that in Australia alone, an average of 130kg of plastic is used per person, per year. The scary news? Only 12% of that plastic is recycled. We as consumers are...
Bulk Food Shopping


Picture this: you’ve just completed your weekly, fortnightly or monthly grocery shop. You unload your groceries from the back of your car, with less than four bags weighing down your arms (which are needed to do other things, like make a really great piece of art or win a thumb wrestling contest)...